7Eleven Gallery invites you to
Make Yourself At Home
Curated by Sabrina Blaichman, Caroline Copley and Genevieve Hudson-Price

May 6 – June 6, 2010
Opening reception: Thursday, May 6, 6 – 9 pm
169 10 Avenue NY, NY 10011

“Make Yourself At Home” draws its inspiration from the idea of transforming the gallery into a multi room house dressed for a typical days living. Rarely do we ponder the aesthetics of the mundane objects that comprise our domestic reality. Whether their function is decorative, utilitarian, a source of sensuality, comfort, entertainment or convenience, the objects that surround us impact our daily lives in both immense and miniscule ways.

In recreating and detailing this private living space in our public gallery, the exhibit seeks to create a more immediate and intimate relationship between the viewer and the featured artworks, to enhance the contemplation of the everyday unseen. We hope to project the viewer into a more personal space where they are able to sit at the kitchen table, watch TV from the couch, stretch out on the bed – in short – where they can literally, make themselves at home.

Many of the artists in “Make Yourself At Home” worked within traditional forms, while others re-invented both the function and form of archetypal models.

Hernan Bas - Tom Beale - Chris Beeston - Jordan Betton - Sebastian Black - Meghan Boody - Scott Burton - Scott Campbell - Rama Chorpash - Ricky Clifton - Jacob L. Cohen - Nick Cohen - Billy Copley - David Deutsch - Carlton DeWoody - India Donaldson - Nick Doyle - Sebastian Errazuriz - R.M. Fischer - Griffon Fraizon - Joe Gaffney GAINES - Francesco Galetto - Elissa Goldstone - Simon Hasan - Scott Healy - Joseph Heidecker - Mary Heilmann Steven Holl - Judith Hudson - Bryan Hunt - Steven Keister - Max Lamb - Johanna Landscheidt - Kwangho Lee Marilyn Lerner - Zilla Leutenegger - Jill Levine - Peter Marigold - Alexander Massouras - Thomas McDonell - Adam McEwen - Jacob Melinger - Sean Mellyn - Howard Michels - James Nares - Casey Neistat - Bob Neuwirth - John Newman - Alan Paukman - Janis Provisor - Rob Pruitt - Lesley Raeside - Jason Reppert - Alex Rickard - Tom Sachs Francesco Simeti - Laurie Simmons - Michael Smith - Max Snow - Keith Sonnier - Stephen Spretnjak - Michael St. John - Gordon Stevenson - Wiliam Stone - Ionel Talpazan - Al Taylor - John Torreano - Richard Tuttle - Leo Villareal - Kevin Walz - Lynton Wells - Rob Wynne - Dustin Yellin - Aaron Young