good morning steamy new york

everyday i think about the beach. floating. it is so hot. however, the heat is inspiring. stifling. quick. breathtaking.
good morning new york.
i wish you a great day.

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Crooked Tree Creperie
If you can’t whisk your amour off to Paris, settle for crêpe-induced romance at this low-lit eatery, where everything on the menu is $10 or less. Order ones stuffed with spinach and goat cheese ($8) alongside glasses of cabernet sauvignon ($6)—you’ll feel spoiled without going broke. 110 St. Marks Pl between First Ave and Ave A (212-533-3299)

so beautiful

she is so stunning, versatile and amazing. every photograph of her captivates me.

in a sentimental mood

1:09 my day

inspiration for my dreams tonight


kiki smith's show at the pace gallery on 22nd street is beautiful. it closes tomorrow and if you have a chance i'd recommend going. its beautiful and inspiring. the adventures of life.

Kiki Smith: Lodestar, the artist’s first major New York gallery show in eight years, features “Pilgrim”, an installation composed of nearly thirty hand-painted stained glass panels. Originally inspired by an eighteenth-century silk needlepoint, “Pilgrim” is a cyclical journey which alludes to various aspects of a person’s life, presented through the images of women. Smith has been working on “Pilgrim” since 2005, and began the glass paintings three years ago at the renowned German glass atelier, Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt GmbH-Mayer of Munich.

i want to be here

A 1969 maze made of rolls of cardboard by the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto at the “Unlimited” section of Art Base


the show at steven kasher gallery (up until 10 july) is breath-taking and inspiring. each photograph is a work of genius.
i can't wait to go back.

Steven Kasher Gallery
521 West 23 Street
New York, NY 10011
212 966 3978


Please check out my show. The food is delicious and affordable ( and my work is on the walls. Each piece is an edition of 3. They are all for sale. Please come and share with your friends!

Below are the images, titles and prices of the pieces exhibited on the walls.

Little Pink Bow, Dubai, UAE, 18x12 in, $360

Window in Dubai, Dubai, UAE, 12x18 in, $680


Powerlines, Harbour Island, Bahamas, 18x12 in, $360

Water, Dubai, UAE, 18x12 in, $360

Coral, Key Largo, FL, 36x24 in, $980

Seagrapes, Key Largo, FL, 36x24 in, $980

Sand, Dubai, UAE, 36x24 in, $980


The springtime of Lovers has come,
that this dust bowl may become a garden;
the proclamation of heaven has come,
that the bird of the soul may rise in flight.
The sea becomes full of pearls,
the salt marsh becomes sweet as kauthar,
the stone becomes a ruby from the mine,
the body becomes wholly soul.


The beauty of the heart
is the lasting beauty:
its lips give to drink
of the water of life.
Truly it is the water,
that which pours,
and the one who drinks.
All three become one when
your talisman is shattered.
That oneness you can't know
by reasoning.