they must have hearts too

like a dream

where is this and when can i live there?

all i can do is breathe

thats why i'm here. its all i can do correctly. in and out.

support your homies

you have to listen to this track

yum, meatballs

i really want to go here

thoughts of lately

i've been thinking a lot about sisters and their relationship. how no other relationship compares.

daily moo moo


long time inspiration.

some genuis

what i'm looking at

good read

i'm beginning to resent my high school teachers from not recommending this book. i know its a classic, bla bla, but why haven't i read it before? unfortunate.
regardless, i love plath, i love esther. and i love taking baths reading this book pretending i'm in the 50's being invited to ladies lunches.

revisit or pick up a copy.


so i'm beginning to think i've developed a problem, or an addiction.
i listen to erykah badu radio all day long on pandora and the rest of the time on my phone or ipod.

should i seek help?

she's just so beautiful.