my powers of expression are weak and everything is so hazy in my mind that all contours seem to elude me.

Young Werther on love by Goethe
the imperfections of language consist in their plurality, the supreme one is lacking: thinking is writing without accessories or even whispering, the immortal word still remains silent; the diversity of idioms on earth prevents everybody from uttering the truths which otherwise, at one single stroke, would materialize as truth.

stephane mallarme

"the flaws are the poetry"
Miroslav Tichy
It’s easy to love when you love, but hard to love when you hate.

A collection of science is gathered primarily in the interests of the real, a collection of art in the interest of the ideal. the former is a panorama of fact, the latter a paradise of fancy. in the former we learn, in the latter we admire. A museum of science is in essence a school; a museum of art is in essence a temple. Minerva presides over the one, sacred to reason; Apollo over the other, sacred to the imagination.

Benjamin Ives Gilman, 1908.
when i grow up
i want to live near the sea
crab claws
and bottles of rum
that's what i'll have
staring at a seashell