from Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

The ancient Sanskrit legends speak of a destined love, a karmic connection between souls that are fated to meet and collide and enrapture one another. The legends say that the loved one is instantly recognised because she's loved in every gesture, every expression of thought, every movement, every sound, and every mood that prays in her eyes. The legends say that we know her by her wings-- the wings that only we can see-- and because wanting her kills every other desire of love.

The same legends also carry warnings fated love may, sometimes, be possession and the obsession of one, and only one, of the two souls twinned by destiny. But wisdom, in one sense, is the opposite of love. Love survives in us precisely because it isn't wise.

hello miami

meet alex robbie.

itching to get back!
sand in my toes, here i come.

my little princess

so excited for a break! x

daily craving

can't wait to get there.
harbour island, 2005.

can't stop wanting this magicland.

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always a photographer

age 8, nyc.

and i was like baby, baby, baby

this is an amazing song (obviously) but this VIDEO is spectacular and genius.
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gaudy & bizarre.

going to dubai saved my photographic being.

it was as gaudy and eccentric and bizarre as you can imagine, but it was beautiful in its own weird western, middle east way.

i enjoyed it.

i’ll never go back.

enjoy x

welcome, happy 2010.

what love is...

‘When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth. ‘ Billy - age 4